Little Phobia
Little Phobia бродилка ужастик. Phobias are different. Many of them. And each they own . But there is something that - that was inherent in almost every one of us in childhood.
You play as a little boy who wanted to go to the toilet at night . Parents are asleep , and scream and call mom and dad are not solid, as if it was not terrible . Well have to make a heroic journey overcome fear of the dark familiar to almost everyone since childhood.
Ahead of the corridor , through which a path in the darkness seems endless , ordinary things become obstacles , and rich children's imagination fills the darkness behind your back babaek images . Shadow looks you in the back, constantly watching you . The farther the more your imagination is gaining momentum and that you almost feel that there is someone behind . And that someone is already moving towards you and is about to put his hand on your shoulder .
, Well , we all know that the best way to fight the monsters in the dark , it does not look at them. Cost squint hard and you in the house, and you can not see . We have a means of fighting ! So move boldly forward , and when fear becomes unbearable just closed his eyes and wait it out .
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